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World stories about family relationships

Adoption Stories

Rachel Hedman offers adoption stories for audiences

Rachel Hedman discovers another adoption folktale

Everyone has been adopted at some point.

There is adoption through friendship and even a greater one through the heart. Whether you have actually adopted, are adopted, or have placed an adoption, join the many cultures around the world who tell the same story.

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You can also download Rachel's thesis "Year of the Adopted Family:  Selected Folktales for the Seasons of Adoptee Personal and Cultural Identity" here.

12 Stories from 6 major continents: 

January--"The Wanderings of Isis", Egypt 
February--"Koobar the Drought-Maker", Aboriginal, Australia 
March--"N'oun Doare'", Celtic
April--"Littlebit", Chile
May--"The Widow who Gathered Sticks", Maasai Tribe, Africa
June--"The Charcoal Woman's Son", Cuba 
July--"The Boy of the Red Sky", Canada First Nation
August--"The Traveler's Secret", Italy
September--"The Gardener's Wife", Colombia
October--"Ivan the Cow's Son", Russia
November--"Cheng Xiang and the Mountain", China
December--"The Magic Fish Hook", Polynesian, New Zealand

Monthly-themed programming available or 30min. to 1hr. sets recommended for ages 5 and up with optional Question & Answer session