Storytelling M.A., received ORACLE, Karen J. Ashton Award, & founded Story Crossroads

What makes Rachel Hedman unique?

1. Family Folklore Expert

To tap into the essence of the father/daughter relationship, Rachel researched 72 King Midas versions. She dedicates time for each tale in the Folktales About Families Series as a sign of respect to the culture as well as to the roles found within the home. Her Storytelling Masters thesis explores the adoptive parent/child relationship through adoption folktales from around the world. 

2. Youth Storytelling Advocate

She stumbled upon the path of storyteller as a sophomore in high school, and she wished to make the path more visible for future generations. She serves as friend and mentor to youth tellers on local, national, and international levels. Request a free 20-page pdf booklet on Storytelling Basics by Geoff Draper and edited by Rachel Hedman by emailing info@rachelhedman.com.

3. Visionary/Leader of Global Storytelling Movements

She shares trends and ideas that sometimes inspire the art’s future, especially with the younger generation. Rachel has founded, created, or led several storytelling organizations since 1997. She imagines a time when a story coalition with United Nations/Olympics influences will exist to guide the human family in the art.


  • Mentorship Grant/J.J. Reneaux
    Received face-to-face coaching Sept. 12, 2006 to Sept. 15, 2006 with National Storyteller Don Doyle, Notified November 2005 of acceptance
  • National Storytelling Network Grant
    Attended 2004 National Storytelling Conference in Bellingham, WA
  • NSN/New Voices Grant
    Attended 2005 National Storytelling Conference in Oklahoma City, OK
  • Arne Nixon Award
    Given once a year to an outstanding storyteller/storyteacher determined by the Lemoore High School Students, Received April 2005
  • Publication of Story “Telling the Notes” in Nov./Dec. 2005 Storytelling Magazine
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