Adoption & Foster Care Stories

Rachel Hedman adopted all three kids through foster care.

Deep down…everyone has been adopted at some point.

Adoption Folktales

There is adoption through friendship and even a greater one through the heart. Whether you have actually adopted, are adopted, or have placed an adoption, join the many cultures around the world who tell the same story.

Ask how you can arrange to hear these stories.

Example of an Adoption Folktale

Foster Care Folktales

Children in foster care have complicated lives, though they are filled with love from birth parents, relatives, and foster parents. Discover the nurturing qualities that have always been upon this earth so that the next generation can face the world with confidence and hope.

A favorite story in this series is “The Moon-Prince” from Western Africa by the Botswana, Lesotho, and Swaziland people. Discover this story and more.

“It’s amazing how you can keep all ages-from adults to teenagers to toddlers-entertained to the edge of their seats with a story.”

— Valerie Barrow, Professional Mom/Day Care Provider, Fresno, CA

“Rachel is a visionary who can make things happen. She brings clarity, knowledge and passion to her work.”

— Ann Ellis, former Chair for Weber State University Storytelling Festival, Ogden, UT

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